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Fort Lauderdale, FloridaQuantinium, a tech startup based in Fort Lauderdale, is prepared to disrupt the telecommunications industry with its plan to roll out a global quantum-safe Wi-Fi service. Quantinium has the extraordinary potential to unleash a seismic impact on the sector, igniting an entirely new era of wireless connectivity that is both secure and reliable on an unprecedented scale. Quantinium’s groundbreaking initiative has caught the eyes of industry observers, resulting in the recent buzz surrounding the announcement of Escape Velocity’s investment in their initial funding round. Escape Velocity (EV3), is a thesis-driven venture capital firm specializing in early-stage decentralized infrastructure investments with liquidity partners including founders of prominent venture capital firms such as a16z, Multicoin, Castle Island Ventures and Framework Ventures, as well as senior partners at Apollo Global Management.

Quantinium's post-quantum encryption has the potential to revolutionize the internet and and significantly enhance data privacy. We are thrilled to be part of this exciting project and support the development of a decentralized global Wi-Fi network.

Salvador Galaco-founder of Escape Velocity.

Quantinium’s forward-thinking solution tackles the hurdles posed by fragmented telecommunications infrastructure and mounting apprehensions regarding conventional encryption methods. Their cutting-edge post-quantum encryption technology presents a secure and decentralized approach to safeguarding data, rendering it impervious to prevailing threats. By harnessing this groundbreaking innovation, Quantinium has not only unveiled a noteworthy 78% reduction in the cost of high-speed internet service but also the capability to provide location-based advertising while ensuring utmost respect for user privacy. This transformative development paves the way for a more secure and personalized digital experience.

"Quantinium is delighted to have Escape Velocity as a strategic partner in this funding round, We believe their expertise and experience in the DeWi and DePIN space will be invaluable as we advance towards the full commercialization of our technology."

Addiel Lopez, CEOQuantinium, Inc.

With the support of Escape Velocity and other leading investors, Quantinium is poised to accelerate its growth and drive continued innovation in the field of post-quantum encryption. Their team is preparing to publish third-party validations of their technology for peer review in the upcoming weeks and remains confident that its technology will play a critical role in securing data privacy and protecting digital information in the modern age.